Guernsey Kitchen Fitters / Installers

Finding a skilled kitchen fitter in Guernsey to source and install your brand new kitchen is an essential requirement. The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home and it needs to have excellent functionality first and foremost, but it also needs to look and feel great too. A high-quality Guernsey kitchen fitter … Continue reading Guernsey Kitchen Fitters / Installers


Guernsey Tours – Guided Sightseeing Tours

There are a number of Guernsey tour operators; individual independent guides to larger tour companies. They focus on exclusive local tour planning around Guernsey, offering knowledgeable guides to take you on an enjoyable, revealing and informative tour around many of the Island’s treasured and secret locations and attractions. Guernsey tour guides will take well thought-out … Continue reading Guernsey Tours – Guided Sightseeing Tours

Managed Forex Accounts

Are you an investor looking for a managed forex account? If you are, then you have come to the right place. A managed FX trading account may be the most profitable solution you can find for your money. Additional information here In this increasingly competitive financial world, the process of earning profits for your … Continue reading Managed Forex Accounts

Guernsey Pilates Classes and Information

Guernsey Pilates Classes The basic idea of Pilates is to perform balanced and deliberate moves which tones and conditions the muscles, preventing them from any injury or harm. This is quite different from other exercising techniques which require hard core workouts and sweating which can lead to more injuries. Some exercises are meant to benefit … Continue reading Guernsey Pilates Classes and Information

Guernsey Accountants – Accountancy Firms

For a lot of business owners, employing a Guernsey accountant is a requirement that they think they have to have on an annual basis when it is time to complete their tax returns. However the reality is that a chartered accountant is a service provider who can assist you in a variety of financial matters. … Continue reading Guernsey Accountants – Accountancy Firms

About Guernsey Scaffolding Services

Guernsey scaffolding companies provide a very valuable service to help in the building of many types of properties. Scaffolding allows construction and maintenance workers to perform a number of occupations, such as window fitting, cleaning, painting, building and many types of wall and roof repairs. They provide a safe environment for workmen to undertake their … Continue reading About Guernsey Scaffolding Services

Guernsey Roofers and Roofing Contractors

A typical lifespan of a roof is about thirty years or so. That is assuming that it has been built well employing a good Guernsey roofing company using quality materials. Nevertheless, a roof is susceptible to damage from the weather due to the fact that they are the parts of the property that are most … Continue reading Guernsey Roofers and Roofing Contractors