Guernsey Tours – Guided Sightseeing Tours

There are a number of Guernsey tour operators; individual independent guides to larger tour companies. They focus on exclusive local tour planning around Guernsey, offering knowledgeable guides to take you on an enjoyable, revealing and informative tour around many of the Island’s treasured and secret locations and attractions.

Guernsey tour guides will take well thought-out guided tours for parties, twosomes and individuals throughout a choice of areas of particular interest and historical attraction The guides furnished with expert local knowledge and insight, will enrich your awareness and appreciation of the island.

Most Guernsey tour companies provide a choice of established and evergreen tours and additionally, many will create bespoke trips based around your own personal topics of particular interest.

Guernsey Self Tour Options

You can simply get onto a bus and behold a number of the most spectacular landscapes that are on offer in Guernsey.

Guernsey buses run services that take you all around the island pat rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and through beautiful areas of the countryside. Make certain that you have your camera at the ready to capture the best of Guernsey’s scenic views.

If a bus is not up your alley, there are several guided bike tours that you could join. There is nothing like taking in the fantastic Guernsey scenery than being on a bike. You can stop at will and enjoy the pace of the island.

There are a number of very good cycling tour guides on the Island who can take you around the island roads and lanes or if you prefer, go off road on a mountain biking tour.

Discovering the Guernsey on foot may be more to your liking. You will be able to take in many of the charming sights by donning your walking boots and walking along the rugged south coast, stopping for a coffee or a bite to eat along the way.

Whichever type of self tour option or guided tour, Guernsey runs a whole host of prepared and personalised tours to suit your needs, allowing you see the Island at its optimum.

About Guernsey

Guernsey has been my home for over fifty years now. Unfairly criticized in the media as being a ‘Tax Haven’, Guernsey really is anything but. Measuring just 9 miles long and 3 wide and covering some 26sq miles, one might imagine Guernsey to be a place where there is little to do or see. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Guernsey (and its sister islands of Sark, Alderney and Herm) enjoys more hours of sunshine per year than anywhere else in the British Isles, and Guernsey beaches are amongst the best found anywhere. An abundance of top-class restaurants, with locally caught shellfish a specialty, are a delight as are the spectacular cliff top walks with views of the neighboring islands.

A rich French heritage can be found in Guernsey, a major legacy being the majority of streets in the island retaining their French names. and many cafe’s offering al fresco dining in the summer, much like a Parisian side street.

Due to the occupation of the Channel Islands by the Germans during World War II, there are many bunkers, forts and emplacements to be found in Guernsey. A particular highlight being the German Underground Hospital – built by slaves during the war and carefully restored as a reminder or Channel Island History. There are tours of this historic attraction.

May 9th is a national holiday in Guernsey. Marked by Winston Churchill as the day ‘Our Dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today’. May 9th is a special day for Islanders as they celebrate the end of the oppressive occupation of the Island by German forces, which lasted almost 5 years.

Guernsey has a far more relaxed way of life than anywhere else in Britain, and is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Culture, history, wonderful scenery, fantastic beaches and top class restaurants make Guernsey a place you will definitely want to visit and return to time and time again. There really is something for everyone.

Wherever you are from, get yourself over to this amazing island and get your booked into a number of our brilliant Guernsey tours.


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