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Guernsey Roofers - Roofing Contractors

A typical lifespan of a roof is about thirty years or so. That is assuming that it has been built well employing a good Guernsey roofing company using quality materials. Nevertheless, a roof is susceptible to damage from the weather due to the fact that they are the parts of the property that are most open to the elements, particularly in Guernsey. Therefore, roofs quite often need to be repaired to some degree.

Looking after your roof is a vital undertaking. Carrying out repairs when required will avert leakages in wet weather. Leaking roofs lead to the increase of moisture that can harm the timber construction of the property. Getting repairs done before it is too late can and will save you a lot of your hard earned money in the long run.

There are a lot of people that want to have a go at DIY and carry out repairs by themselves.

However, it has to be said that repairs to roofs can be a complicated task. Unless you know what you are doing, you should seriously consider hiring a Guernsey roofer to do the work.

In the ensuing short article, you will discover the whys and wherefores why repairs to your roof must be left to expert Guernsey roofing contractors. Find out about the advantages of employing a roofer and the five vital things you have to know prior to hiring a roofing company.

DIY – Should You Do It Yourself?

A lot of Guernsey folk like to undertake DIY repairs since it can save quite a bit of cash. It can be enjoyable at the same time. Yet, some jobs should be carried out by a professional company and one of those jobs is repairing a roof.

So many things can go wrong when doing roofing repairs by yourself. Mistakes can cost a lot of money and more importantly, you could end up with a nasty injury, or even worse.

I have listed some of the most common errors that DIY folk do when carrying out repairs to the roof.

They ignore safety precautions

Roofing maintenance and construction is one of the most hazardous professions around. There are many dangers involved like tool injuries, falls, cuts and puncture wounds, fire risks, electrical perils, along with environmental hazards such as ice, gales and lightning. No amount of saved money can make up for a lost arm or leg.

  1. Fasteners aren’t in the right place

If just one fastener is put in the wrong place, it could cost you many hundreds of pounds. It is a simple error that could have been avoided if a roofing contractor had done the job.

  1. They purchase unsuitable roofing systems

A bad selection of roofing system raises the perils already connected to roof reparation. Roofs made from metal can be slippery, even with the smallest amount dampness, and asphalt roofs need to have a specific amount of incline to stop leakages. With reference to inclines, there are prerequisites that have to be contemplated and only a Guernsey roofer comprehends these standards.

Roofing maintenance and construction errors will lead to the inevitability of a complete system replacement, so more money has to be spent. Extra costs can be sidestepped by employing a dependable and trustworthy roofing company.

Why It Is Best to Employ a Specialised Roofing Contractor

Apart from the prevention of errors and needless financial outlays, there happen to be other advantages to employing a qualified roofing company.

  • The prevention of damage to the roof system. Roofing contractors make use of scaffolds to install new roofs or carry out repairs without causing damage to any other parts of the property.
  • The roof company will help you to make a decision whether your roof just requires reparations or new roof is necessary.
  • Seek additional advice for care of your roof. A Guernsey roofer can advise you of the various ways that you can maintain your roof and also the most exposed areas of your property to ensure longevity.
  • The appropriate kind of roofing is utilised. Given that there are a lot of various types of roofing materials available, such as solar tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, stone-coated steel, slate, rubber slate, clay and concrete tiles, green roofs, steel panels, wood shakes. Selecting the correct one can get quite bewildering. Through contracting a Guernsey roofing firm, it will prevent you from making regretful and costly errors.
  • The previous roofing material is disposed of appropriately. Most roofing firms will undertake everything from stripping off the old one, replacing it and then getting rid of the previous material.
  • Professional quality installation. You will be certain that your new roof is going to be installed correctly and securely, and is going to be wind and water tight.

Repairing a roof is not such a straightforward task as a lot of people think it is. There are many minor specifics that have to be thought about if you want your roof to come to be almost new. A dependable contractor will help you discover what is required and the cost of everything to you.

Five Things to Know Prior To Contracting a Roofing Company

Since you now understand the advantages of employing a roofer and the hazards concerned to undertaking the installation or reparations for yourself, there still happen to be several things you should know about prior to getting in touch your roofer.

After you have made the decision to engage a roofing company, you will probably unsurprisingly want to phone the first company you see for an estimate. However, all roofers are not the same and since you want to get the best service for the best price, there are things you have to think about. There are some cowboy roofers and there are those of good reputation, although not such a problem in Guernsey. Certainly though, being a rational property owner, you only want to do business with a reliable, trustworthy contractor.

Below are a number of points you must be familiar with before hiring a roofer that can assist you in identifying the top contractor to appoint:

  1. Understand Precisely What You Need Doing

Prior to getting in touch, it is a shrewd move to have a feeling of what the issue is and what you want to have done. It’s not as straightforward as determining the roof requires repairing and getting a company over to do the job. When speaking to a contractor, they will probably ask you many questions in regards to the problem. If you have not ready or have no inkling what needs to be done, you can be easily persuaded into thinking that there are more issues than there actually is.

It is important that you know the amount of damage so you can inform the roofing company precisely what requires mending. Are there slates, tiles or shingles unaccounted for? Are there openings or gaps? Is the guttering working well? Does the flashing need to be straightened out? Is the guttering working well?

Identifying precisely what has to be repaired is also going to save you cash. When chatting about the job with your roofer, you can inform him of all the things that must be taken care of. He can then appraise the job and then give you an estimate. Bear in mind that things you have omitted to tell him will be of further cost to you.

  1. Understand the Signals of a Cowboy Roofing Company

There are cowboy roofers who will scam you so you have to be vigilant.

Below are some signs that a roofing firm not very dependable:

  • If you ask them about the price, they do not talk about it a frank, transparent or inclusive way. If you do business with a contractor such as this, anticipate extra costs to crop up regularly.
  • They have a record of unsettled complaints from other customers. Do as many background checks on them as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with previous clients. Are there reviews? If so, do you the feel the reviews are genuine and not paid. Even the best company will get bad reviews because some people you simply can’t please. However, are there a lot of bad reviews? That is a sign that something is clearly not right with the work or service of the contractor. Do not go anywhere near them.
  • You have an uncomfortable feeling about a particular contractor. At times, it is best to listen to your intuition that you are not going to get along with the company. If your gut feeling is telling you something, it is best to keep searching.
  • Are the roofing company’s rates very inexpensive, far cheaper in comparison to other companies? Sometimes it is enticing to opt for the cheapest rate that you find. Yet you have to be cautious since the majority of contractors that who have very low prices usually end up charging in excess of what you are happy to pay. Furthermore, inexpensive contractors will seldom redo a job free of charge so if a problem occurs with the work, it is likely that they will request an extra payment from you before they correct the error.
  • They do not send a trained appraiser. A dependable Guernsey roofing contractor will send somebody to discuss the work with you. The will make calculations, measure up the dimensions and discuss roofing materials with you.
  1. Know Your Choices

Prior to hiring a roofing firm, there is something you need to appreciate, there are always other options.

There are many options available to you so don’t choose first company that you come across, or employ the one that tenders the lowest rate. By talking with a few other contractors, you will be able to decide the one that is most appropriate for your requirements and you have no problem with working with them.

For a lot of property owners, the initial contemplation is the cost. Of course this is reasonable since most people want to save cash. Nevertheless, the price ought not to be the determining influence. You have to consider other elements also before choosing a company. Be mindful that you can’t always presume that you will get a quality job from a firm tendering a low rate, conversely, the highest rate doesn’t necessarily denote the best job.

Talk to a minimum of three different Guernsey roofers and evaluate each one. If you do this, you evade dodge paying for the topmost rates in the industry and you also get to understand the more affordable rates. Apart from being able to compare costs, talking to a few roofing firms will also let you understand about their experience, specialisms or whether they  have any special offers of discounts going on.

Conducting your homework on various contractors is the best way for you to identify your options. Have a look on the internet and do a search for Guernsey roofing companies and contractors and evaluate them. Discover their work history and get the drift on how clients find their work. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbours and work colleagues for their endorsements. They may have had a great experience with a company that they are happy to recommend, or even had a bad experience so they make you wary of them.

While investigating, you ought to also take the time to gain knowledge of some parts of the roofing business because basic know-how can benefit you by avoiding getting tricked by dishonest roofers.

  1. Understand the Conditions of Their Insurance Cover

A huge mistake that property owners commit when appointing a roofing company, is not making an effort to enquire about their insurance cover and guarantees.

It is true that a good Guernsey roofing company will inevitably incorporate insurance into their contract, a good number of them don’t include it so you will have to ensure that they have adequate cover.

The insurance must provide cover for both the customer and the contractor in the event that an accident occurs during the installation or the repair of the roof.  You don’t want to be liable for damages. The contractor’s insurance sought to cover you against any unexpected circumstances. Request proof of insurance and ensure that the policy is in effect for the period of the work.

A guarantee is also extremely crucial. You ought to comprehend if the guarantee covers purely the roofing material or the workmanship or both. The manufacturers of the roofing material typically offer a guarantee for them, however, their stipulations and restrictions could differ from the roofers.

A few of the things you should understand relating to the guarantee are whether or not the pound limits are pro rata over the life of the roof, the length of the guarantee, conditions that might annul the guarantee, etc. Generally, licenced roofers will offer you specific additional guarantees apart from the manufacturers.

The roofer should supply a guarantee of at least two years for the workmanship. You should talk over, and get it clear in your head, the terms of the manufacturer’s guarantee. It is important to acquire copy of the intended guarantee.

  1. Understand What Ought to Be Contained Within In the Written Agreement

Obtaining a duplicate of a written agreement is essential since this will guarantee that there will be no bombshells during the work. It will present you with a well-defined vision of what is going to happen.

The agreement, which is to be signed by both yourself and the contractor, must distinctly express the following:

  • Which materials are going to be utilised
  • Anticipated date of completion
  • Costing details
  • Payment plans


The most uncared for part of the property is the roof. Nevertheless it is the one part that receives more pounding by the weather that any other part. Damage to the roof that is not appropriately repaired can impinge on the entire property, which is going to cost you even more money and stress.

When the time has arrived for repairs to the roof, or a replacement roof, you will need to appoint a dependable and honest Guernsey roofing company. You need somebody who is reliable labouring on your roof, people that understand their work completely, are honest and will be able to deliver on time as contracted.

Pay attention to the five points above to understand prior to employing a roofer as these will assist you in finding a contractor you can rely on.

As a extra, below are several other things to chew over when searching for a roofing company:

  • Just having a website is not sufficient; the roofing company should have a physical headquarters, a landline, business license and tax ID.
  • Request for testimonials; a trustworthy contractor ought to have a long list of clients who are pleased with their work.
  • Discover if the company is a member of any local or national industry organisations. This is a sign that they are definitely professionals
  • A trustworthy company is economically established and ought to be able to offer up to date financial data when requested
  • Request the contractor to give details of quality control and their management processes. Learn how many workers are required and obtain the name of the individual managing the job.
  • Choose the roofer that has suitable experience, demonstrates competence and gives prominence to superior workmanship.

The last thing that you want is for your roof to be collapsing down on your head so genuinely think about employing a Guernsey roofer when repairs or a replacement is needed.

It is possible that you want to attempt the work yourself, particularly if you are competent in repairs, nonetheless, be mindful of the fact that repairs to a roof have specific issues and there are risks included. It is still better to go to an expert to get the work done. With the tips included in this article, discovering a quality Guernsey roofing contractor that isn’t going to scam you and offer excellent value for your money has become much less of a problem.


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