Guernsey Swimming Pools Designs – Types Of Swimming Pools

In Ground Concrete Guernsey Swimming Pools

A Guernsey swimming pool for your home is no doubt a great retreat for a hot and tired family. When the day is a hot one, (not often enough in Guernsey), there is no better place to be. Swimming is a soothing, relaxing and a healthy activity for people of all ages. Also, a swimming pool that has a nice design and is well maintained adds flair and increases value to your property.

What Kind of Swimming Pool Can You Install, In Guernsey?

You will discover plenty of choices to think about. Listed below are some of the most popular options.

Above the Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools:

Above Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools
Above Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools

Swimming pools that are fixed above the ground are the easiest to put in, as well as the least expensive option because they are bought in kit form. For people that want to have some summer fun without having to make a large outlay, they could be a viable choice. Also, if you don’t want a permanent fixture in your garden, an above the ground pool could be the answer.

Some points to think about.

Installation is quick: From getting the pool to using it only takes a few days.

Not permanent: If you are moving house, you can move your swimming pool with you, if you have the room of course. If not, you can sell it or give it to someone else, or even leave it where it is for the next person to use.

Inexpensive: They are a great option for a family that has a limited budget to play with.
Options: There are three main cladding options to choose from, steel, resin or aluminium. Each material has a different advantage such as how durable it is, resistance to the elements and cost. Your local Guernsey swimming pool dealer will go through the pros and cons of each type with you.

Great for small gardens: Should your garden be very small and you don’t have room to swing a cat, an above-ground pool kit is able to be carried to its position and easily set up.

Range: They can be purchased in various shapes and sizes, shapes, decking options and attractive wall designs.

Below the Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools:

Below are the various materials that can be used.


Fibreglass In Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools
Fibreglass In Ground Guernsey Swimming Pools

Fibreglass: Guernsey swimming pools can be purchased made from moulded glass reinforced plastic. In-ground fibreglass pools will give you many years of swimming. Basically, it is a very large bath.

Some points to think about.

Installation: Once your garden has been dug out and the mould has been delivered, it is relatively quick to get it set up and running, about two weeks generally.

Price tag: Pools fabricated from fibreglass are typically more costly to buy than in the ground concrete types but should pay for itself over its lifetime. Basically, the need less chemicals than pools made from concrete. Also, there is no need to replace a lining or to do any re-plastering costs.

Easy maintenance: A fibreglass pool won’t alter the water’s chemistry as a plaster finish would do so it requires less chemicals. Because the surface is non-porous, there is not the same need to brush the pool half as much as a plastered pool.


Guernsey swimming pools that are lined with vinyl is the least expensive in-ground types that is available but bear in mind the lining will probably have to be substituted about once a decade.

Normally, a vinyl lined is transported from the maker in a kit.

Some points to think about.

Weather conditions: Although this isn’t really a problem in Guernsey, swimming pools lined with vinyl are common in colder areas as they can be drained and covered until the warmer weather returns.

Smooth Finish: The vinyl is non-porous, flat and smooth meaning that if there are any discolouring of it, the stains should be quite easily removed it they are sorted out quickly.
Installation time: Vinyl-lined swimming pools generally take between one to three weeks to install.


In Ground Concrete Guernsey Swimming Pools
In Ground Concrete Guernsey Swimming Pools

Another very popular in-ground pool material is concrete. The give the user a large area to swim in and there is no need to swap the liner every ten years or so.

A concrete pool is the most popular type of in-ground Guernsey swimming pool. This is because it can be designed to any size or shape that the buyer desires. It is also cheaper initially to install than the fibreglass type.

The normal building time on a concrete swimming pool is from three to twelve weeks.

Some points to think about.

Weather resilient: It doesn’t really matter what type of weather that is occurring, an in-ground concrete pool can withstand any amount of heat and any amount of cold.

Cost: The cost initially is a lot less than a fibreglass pool would be. Therefore, if you are looking for an in-ground pool and you don’t want to blow you budget a concrete pool might be the best option for you.

Strength: Concrete and fibreglass pools are both very strong. Have a chat to your Guernsey swimming pool dealer if you have any concerns about the implications of the type of soil and the weather conditions on both materials.

Kinds of finishes: A number of interior finishes can be chosen, such as paint, stones and plasters. You can opt for a finish that matches your budget.


A Guernsey swimming pool is a superb attribute for any property as it will increase the value of the property, supply many hours of pleasure and recreation for your whole family. Be mindful that a pool requires a lot of preparation initially and maintenance is crucial for its longevity. If these issues are completed, a swimming pool will give you and your family many decades of fun and will be a highly prized asset for the home.

I have listed below some popular Guernsey swimming pool companies that design, supply and fit them.

Gillingham Pools,
Portinfer Coast Road,
GY6 8LG.

Graham Ogier Swimming Pools,
Richmond Court,
La Route de la Malladerie,
St. Saviours,
GY7 9QT.

Spa de la Mare,
Mont Arrive,
St Peter Port
GY1 2RA.

Lotus Pools,
Top Floor,
Mont Crevelt House,
St Sampsons,
GY2 4LH.


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